Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

We believe in the power of technology to improve communities and our planet. Since 2001, we have been stretching the possibilities of geospatial technology to enable our clients to answer complex questions in a wide range of domains: urban ecosystems, water, infrastructure planning, economic development, public transit, elections, public safety, energy, and cultural resources management, to name a few.

Our Values 

Working with us is different than with many other professional services firms. As a certified B Corp, our values impact every aspect of how we operate and work with our partners.

  • Own your work: Leadership is an activity, not a position. Azavea employees are supported in taking on their own initiatives at the company.
  • Be kind, humble & respectful: We realize that we stand on the shoulders of others, and aim to always treat people with respect and fairness.
  • Create more value than you capture: Azavea operates with a spirit of community and public service. We believe our work can contribute to a more peaceful, just, and prosperous world.
  • Default to transparency: We believe that an open, collaborative community leads to better and more impactful work. As a practice, we use open data and build open source tooling whenever we can.
  • Never stop learning: Azavea encourages our colleagues to take on new challenges that expand their knowledge and professional skills.

We are dedicated to creating meaningful impact in the communities we serve. Our team is made up of talented individuals who work together to solve some of the most complex geospatial challenges of our generation. We also spend time volunteering, mentoring others in and outside the office, and hosting and participating in community and educational events.