Imagine H2O

San Francisco, California, United States

Water is Solvable

The future of water is often framed in the negative: Scarcity, Waste, Worry. We imagine something different. Because the problems surrounding our planet’s most precious resource—water—can be solved by our most precious human resources: ingenuity, commitment, and action.

We approach water issues with optimism, curiosity, and entrepreneurial grit. That’s because we’ve seen what’s possible as solution seekers and builders. When we back the best entrepreneurs in water, we go all in—from idea to implementation. We’re creating a more connected, effective water sector that attracts more dreamers, do'ers, and dollars.

From there, anything is possible. More access, more equity, more community. Better health, and better lives, for people around the world. We see that future clearly, and we can make it real. In fact, we’re already building it: every entrepreneur, every startup, and every new solution gives us another way forward. And we can do this at scale. Today, our entrepreneurs provide water solutions to over 1.1 billion people and counting.

It’s time to transform the future of water. Let’s do this.