Movement Strategy Center

Oakland, California, United States

Our Mission

Movement Strategy Center provides values-aligned, holistic intermediary services enabling access to crucial infrastructure and thought partnership for BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA movement leaders, activists, and communities challenging intersectional issues of systemic racism, rampant environmental destruction, and crippling economic exploitation. We are unique in that we do not operate as a singular organization but as a collective ecosystem incubating and accelerating the work of our partner projects, which speaks to our values of radical interdependence and love.

Our Vision

Is of a Just Transition from a world of domination, extraction, and violence — where the few live at the expense of the many — to a world of interdependence, liberation, and resilience — where the many govern for the benefit of all. We understand that a Just Transition is only possible when the voices of BIPOC, women, and GNC leaders are honored, celebrated, and amplified, not merely tolerated.