Zero Acre

San Mateo, New Mexico, United States

While chronic diseases were once rare, today, 6 in 10 American adults have a chronic illness such as heart disease or diabetes, and 4 in 10 have multiple chronic diseases, primarily caused by diet. As a result, our healthy life expectancy is decreasing for the first time in recorded history.


Meanwhile, a chunk of forest the size of a football field is cut down every second, primarily to make way for food production, leading to record rates of biodiversity loss and carbon emissions.


We think it’s time cooking oil lived up to its full potential. That’s why we’re introducing Cultured Oil, made by the ancient technique of fermentation. It’s oil that cooks better, tastes better, feels better, and does better for the planet.


Cultured Oil is the all purpose cooking oil with a purpose. Full of heart-healthy and heat-stable monounsaturated fat, Cultured Oil has a high smoke point and a clean neutral taste. Use it for absolutely everything. Made by fermentation, not deforestation, Cultured Oil uses 85% less land than canola oil, emits 86% less CO2 than soybean oil, and requires 99% less water than olive oil.


Zero Acre Farms is on a mission to remove destructive vegetable oils from the food system. And we’re not going to stop until restaurant deep fryers, home pantries, and packaged foods around the world are finally free of these harmful oils and fats.